How to choose the perfect shade for your hair?



Finding the perfect color for hair dye may be a tough task but following guidelines will make it easier for you. Skin tone is a major factor that is obligatory to be considered before going for hair dye. You can’t
freely choose the color of your own choice. Many things have to be kept in mind; that basically includes your natural hair color, skin tone and eye color.

Your skin tone is most important as it the basic context of hair color. The right color selection will boost up your skin tone too. Have no idea about your skin tone? Follow the below outlined steps:

  • Put off makeup from your face and wear white color dress
  • Stand in sunlight and see your face in hand mirror
  • Keenly observe your skin tone either it is yellow or neutral, pinkish or reddish or the list goes on. Note down your original skin tone color.

The second important factor is eye color as it delineates the facial features and hair color. Choose the hair dye in accordance with the tone of eye color to enhance your beauty. Original hair color can also work for
deciding on the hair dye color. After considering all these factors, think which color you like the most out of all the possibilities. Start collecting images from magazines or internet and show them to your hair stylist.

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